Session 7: Sustainability

This was by far my favorite session of the conference, and the one where I sat through every talk without getting lost or bored. 7-01 given by Christine Dragisic from Conservation International was one of particular interest. In this session she outline a new tool for prospectors. It gave companies a database to look up a piece of land to see if it would be suitable for biofuel production. It was a two part process. The first part allowed companies from their desktop to do a quick search to see if the land was a good prospect for use. Then the company would have to do field work to see how the land use change would affect the local community. In order to be a viable piece of land it had to meet the following requirements: 1) have minimal biodiversity 2) have low carbon values 3) have no land conflicts 4) be of very little value to the community. I think this will be a great tool for companies and governments to have and use in future biofuel project planning.


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