9-04 Composition of multiple feedstocks suitable for extended ethanol production at Louisiana sugar mills

This talk outlined how a sugar cane mill could be used for more than just its current energy potential. Misook Kim from LSU Agricultural Center analyzed three different potential feedstocks that could also be processed by the plant. They were sugar cane bagasse, sweet sorghum, and energy cane. One ton of sugar cane could produce 42.6 kg of ethanol by using the bagasse, very close to its theoretical yield of 45.4 kg of ethanol. One ton of energy cane could produce 43kg of ethanol with 60.1 kg being its maximum ethanol yield. Barrier’s in energy cane’s cell wall seem to be one of the more limiting factors in this equation. Last, but not least, one ton of  sweet sorghum  bagasse could produce 34.8 kg of ethanol with a theoretical yield of 37.2kg of ethanol. All of these seem like interesting feedstocks that should be explored in order to maximize the amount of energy one ton a crop could produce.


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