Florida here we come

I thought I would take time to use this post as a preview for seminars I am excited to hear about in Florida.


1-02: Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to fuel and food using a non-recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae selectively bred to metabolize xylose

First off I am excited for the talk because they are Austrialian and hopefully then will be talking with an accent. Besides that point, it will be interesting to hear how they are producing a yeast that can serve a dual function instead of being used solely for biofuel or solely to help in the fermentation process in food. It will also be an interesting talk to hear because they accomplish this goal through natural breeding, something I feel some scientists have long forgotten about.

1-05: Engineering of industrial cellulolytic Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass

This talk will be interesting to hear as it ties into my topic: the conversion of waste products to biofuel. Look out world corn cob ethanol here we come!

2-01: Solving the biomass recalcitrance challenge: Impacts go beyond 2012

I feel that this session will give a good overview for the day and at 1pm  I will probably be able to take the best notes of the conference.


Continental breakfast- Nothing says good morning Florida like juice and overheated breakfast food.

Session 3 appears to be about subjects spoken in a language I do not understand.

Session 4- Algae

4-01: Strategies for improving the photon usage efficiency and productivity of microalgal cultures

A session in English! This should be an interesting discussion of the structural component of photosynthesis in algae. Can scientists improve on an ancient process?

4-05: Drop-In Hydrocarbon Chemicals, Fuels and Materials from Plant Biomass Derived Isobutanol:  Progress towards Commercialization

So how do we get those sweet plant derived products into the marketplace? Hopefully David Glassner will tell me.

Session 5: what new plants are available for biodiesel production

Session 6: Getting new developments to Industry

6-03: Creating value from wood: The Borregaard biorefinery

A presentation by someone in Norway which should answer the question of how wood can become a great biofuel source.

Okay we’ll I’ve run out of time to preview Thursday ( sustainability- YAY), because the library is closing in 10 minutes and they’ve asked me nicely to leave.

Off to Florida- land of the beaches, biofuel, and old balding men.


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  1. Chris says:

    Great job, Joanne. I’m looking forward to the trip, too!

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