Benefits of Microbes

Only 1% of bacteria are identified in the world and other 99% are unknown. Microbes have been beneficial organism towards the production of biofuels. Microbes inhabit a wide range of environmetns. They offer sustainable ways to produce biofuels from biomass. They can convert biomass into methane, hydrogen, liquid fuels, and electricity. There are large under-utilizing resource of cellulosic biomass from grasses, trees and non-edible parts of crops. sectors have been researching the use of metagenomic, synthetic, and other ways to identify enzymes and microbes for the release of sugar from cellulose. Then they can be used to produce ethanol. Microbes can also improve the sustainability of biofuel production. Microbes and plants have beneficial relationships with other. The microbes provide the plant with nitrogen and give access to phosphorous. the genetic blueprints of microbes will help provide new energy sources.


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