International Perspective on Biofuels

This article is taken from an anti-poverty group’s standpoint. ActionAid, back in February, say that the future plans of the European Union can starve up to 100 million people. Along with the starvation of millions of people, the increase of agricultural lands will rise and so will food prices. And these changes that the EU is making for its future in biofuels, will affect the poorest people in the world, and it already has pushed about 100 million people into poverty and an additional 30 million people into starvation (statistics are from 2008). If these biofuel plans are met by 2020, then the food prices can rise up 76%, and estimated 600 million extra people will be driven to hunger. In addition to increase in food prices, ActionAid says that the competition of agricultural lands and environmental problems will also drastically increase due to biofuels. This article gives an example; five countries in Africa and about 1.1 million hectares of land has been given over to the industrial biofuels community. And the EU alone has requested 5  million hectares of developing countries land. This article further talks about the negative aspects biofuels bring to the environment, and how overall the way that certain developed countries are taking lands from developing countries and not thinking about the consequences.

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