notes on Univenture algae presentation

1. algae is the a sustainable energy resource if we can find ways to extract oil from it. to land plants, algae is small and extraordinarily energy-efficient.

3. “1991 phenomenon” – Have you thought Internet will be a big hit in 1991? The same as algae today

4. For corporations, high-end product from the algae is the key to make profit right now. P.S.: pharmaceutical companies already took up the niche.

5. Algae can not only provide fuel, it can also provide food, drug, plastic, other side products.

6. Instead of using cellulose to make biofuel, we use it to feed algae (how?) because we’ll get higher quality fuel out of it.

7. There are many species of algae out there, most of them do not need that much sun light to grow.

That’s what I can think of right now. In general, it is an amazing presentation and I learned quite a bit.


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