The Navy’s New Green Machines

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth day the Navy will be demonstrating its newest line of fighter Jets called the dubbed the Green Hornets. The green hornets have already been tested and the demonstration brings on new hopes for cutting carbon emissions as well as the huge costs the navy has for fuel use. The Green Hornets will be using a fuel called camelina sativa, a member of the cabbage and broccoli family more commonly known as wild flax or Siberian oilseed. This fuel has been tested by University of Michigan and tests show that the use of camelina fuel could cut carbon emissions by 84 percent. Not only will it cut carbon emissions but also will act like a “drop in” substitute for existing jet fuel which is special because jets can’t use oxygenated fuels like ethanol and the jet fuel has weird characteristics that make it unique, most notably in the way that it is stored in the jets.


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