Tabacco can be used as a biofuel source

I read in this article that some scientists suggest using tobacco as a biofuel source because of its many advantages. First, it doesn’t take up food crop land, people can grow tobacco on the existing plantation. Secondly, after oil are exacted from tobacco leaves , they can be still made into tobacco. so it doesn’t affect the production of the tobacco (but I am not sure if the flavor changed?). Thirdly and also the most importantly, tobacco can be relatively easily genetically modified. I recall that using genetic modified tobacco, some lab is able to increase the oil production by 100X, that is pretty amazing.

However, one problem i can think of is the revival of tobacco use as a side effect. According to the article I read, tobacco use has been declining in the past decades in the US. If growing tobacco somehow becomes more profitable because of biofuel production. Cigarettes can again hit the market with competitive pricing as a side product. Young people will especially susceptible to this wave. This is just a thought.



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