U.S. Government Issues Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Cars

A New York Times article yesterday said that the federal government is finally issuing “final rules” for the emissions of cars and smaller trucks.  The new rules were written jointly by the EPA and the Transportation Dept, and raise the emission and mileage standards to around 35 mpg by 2016.  This is purported to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent over a four year span, over a billion tons. This new regulation standard is based on the one already in use in California, and will stretch over the entire country.

The articles says that though this is good as a far as cars and trucks go, it still brings up questions of what the rules will be like as far as big factories and plants go.  The EPA is supposedly drawing up the kind of regulations that would apply to these “stationary sources.” Of course, these are already being fought. I would look forward to how it all turns out.


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