Philosophical Biofuels

This article discusses the different components of the shift to biofuels, bipassing some of the more widely talked about issues of land-use change.  On the agenda in this article are some of the reasons causing the shift to biofuels, including rising gas prices and the “patriotism” of trying to become independent of foreign oil after Sept. 11.

The other part of this author’s point is the positivity that he believes an agricultural component brings to a community–supposedly supporting local produce and sustainable food. I’m not entirely convinced by this; so much of the food we eat is GM’ed and farmer’s markets are only beginning to be popularized. It also wasn’t exactly clear how this was related to biofuels directly; we obviously already have and will continue to have an agricultural system in the U.S. The overall tone of the article was a little too apologetic for me; there wasn’t a whole lot of original thinking or strong points made. However, some of the points raised are still relevant for my eventual discussion of the ethical issues surrounding the biofuels debate.


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