Process of Converting Biomass into Cellulose Ethanol from Iogen Corp.

The Canadian Cellulose Ethanol company is Iogen Corporation.  This website is broken up into different sections and the most interesting section I came across was the process of converting biomass into cellulose ethanol. First they pretreat the plant fibre to increase the surface area of the plant fibre enzymes, using a “steam explosion” method to achieve this pretreatment. The end result of the pretreatment will overall lower the cost, improves ethanol yields, and increase pretreatment efficiency. Next they produced cellulase enzymes to help the process of pretreatment to occur faster. After the usage of enzymes on biomass they “developed reactor systems that feature high productivity and high conversion of cellulose to glucose”, this stage is called enzymatic hydrolysis. The next process is ethanol fermentation in which they use microorganisms and fermentation systems to convert C5 and C6 sugars into ethanol. And overall Iogen has successfully produced cellulose ethanol which then helps Canada not to rely on internationally imported fuel, lower greenhouse gases, and helps build rural economies.


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