Mechanism for solar energy into biofuel?

The article Cincinnati Researchers Devise Mechanism To Convert Solar Energy Into Biofuel mentions that scientists at University of Cincinnati have come up with a new mechanism to make artificial photosynthetic material from foam. This material then uses plant, bacterial, frog and fungal enzymes to make sugars from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Unlike, the natural photosynthesis where not all the solar energy is converted into chemical energy in sugars, this process is considered to be 100% efficient. Inspired from the tungara frog, this newly developed process uses “enzymes encased in foam” to make sugars by doing photosynthesis which is then converted into bio fuels.Besides this, not much detail is given about the new mechanism developed. However, it is interesting to see articles like this where they talk about producing sugars for bio fuels via artificial photosynthesis. My previous post also mentioned about making bio fuels without using biomass which seems like magic to us. With more articles like these popping up once in a while, it makes me ponder: what if there really is something that works and we can do photosynthesis artificially?


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