Biofuels Ethics: Land Use Change and Other Issues Addressed

Gomiero et al. present a much more in-depth look at the various issues surrounding biofuel production and use, including land-use change and efficiency of crop production. Land-use change has become a fairly recognizable term; it’s implications for destroying natural resources elsewhere and reducing food production are obvious. Some other issues, including the efficiency of land use (so the amount of product produced per area and the energy that can be used from that land, as well as the resources that go into mining that energy) are also important to consider and are illustrated very well in several charts that include information about other energy sources as well.

In addition, the meaning of human’s appropriation of natural resources and the necessity of downscaling our use of these resources is well supported. According to this paper, almost 25% of well-studied groups of living things are currently in danger of extinction. With an ever-enlarging human population, the demand for resources, including land, cannot continue to expand in the same pattern it is now without loss of epic biodiversity.


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