Aviation experts predict biofuel-powered flights within 10 years

This article, published in USA Today by Arthur Max, discusses the future of aviation biofuel over the next decade.  Aviation experts make the claim that it is the hope of the aviation industry to have passenger planes flying on jet fuel largely made from plants within a decade.  The airline industry is currently attempting to cut the umbilical cord from the “volatile oil market and do their part to fight climate change.” The European Union has ruled that all flights to and from European airports will be under the regulation of the European carbon-trading program, by 2012, limiting the amount of carbon dioxide that they can emit.  Airlines currently emit roughly 2% of greenhouse gases and were the fastest growing polluters.  The International Air Transport Association claim that biofuels are near the break-even point and could replace kerosene fuels within the next decade.  The goal of the IATA is to increase fuel efficiency by 1.5% every year until 2020.


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