EU decisions could hurt Polish biofuel market..

It was reported in a Polish news bulletin that the EU and its member states will have to only buy and use biofuel that meets the certain set criteria for sustainable development mandated by the Union. The share of biofuel sales of overall fuel sales is growing as well, now reaching upwards to 5.75%. The new regulations on biofuels comes at a price, Poland for example, imports most of its fuel and with the new regulations it will make it harder and more expensive to obtain fuel. However, this is not all bad because it will force the need and widen the opportunity for successful national biofuel firms to meet the demand for the special fuel. Currently they are importing cheap biofuel from Thailand and Argentina, but with the new impositions place on the fuel this will likely halt.    Poland legislation needs to act fast and realize that they need to increase domestic production of anything and that producing it’s own fuel is an excellent start.


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