Jet Biofuels Take off

This article, Jet Biofuels Take Off, written by Brendan Demelle, is about the viability of  biofuels as a needed alternative to fossil fuels, and where the industry is today in relation to the aviation industry.  According to the author, 40 percent of the operating costs of an airline are jet fuel.  It is for this reason why the airline industry sensitive to volatility in the oil market, making airplane manufacturers and federal governments interested in finding a sustainable replacement for fossil fuels.

Airbus and Boeing are currently in the process of ensuring the capability of their planes of running on biofuels.  Boeing has already completed five test flights on biofuels and Airbus announced plans to test biofuels as well.  Several large airlines have partnered up with biofuel producers for exclusive rights on the biofuels that they produce, to power their planes.  One of these partnerships is between British Airways and the Solena Group.  The plant that the two have agreed to sponsor together is expected to be built and producing biofuel by 2014, which is predicted to produce 16 million gallons of fuel annually.

The United States and Chinese governments have also been investing heavily in bio-bases jet fuels as a replacement for fossil fuel jet fuels.  The US state department announced that within months it is expected to be producing jet fuel from algae for the same cost as conventional jet fuel.

The goal of the aviation industry is to be carbon neutral by 2020, and to cut their carbon emissions by half by 2050.


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