FPL Going Green

I found a really interesting article on NYtimes.com mentioning a new project generated by Florida Power and Light. This project consists of 500 acres of 190,000 mirrors to harvest the sun and use it as energy which will cut natural gas use and reduce CO2 emissions, and this experiment will be the first to reduce the cost of solar power. By the end of the year FPL plans on cutting costs by 20% for Floridians. When this project is finished at the end of the year it will be the world’s second largest solar plant and the “nation’s largest fossil fuel power plant fired by natural gas.” Also mentioned is the amount of solar power that will be generated because of this plant, “the solar plant will be able to generate 75 megawatts of  power, enough to power 11,000 homes and one megawatt can power an entire Wal-Mart store.” This article further talks about the difficulties of producing low-carbon release power either by, coal, wind,  or solar. For example, solar power sounds all great and is very natural for  the environment, however what happens at night, no energy is being harvested by the plants from the sun, and industries need to realize these set backs. However the upside to this article is the start of new hybrid projects beginning all over the world, which will only benefit our environment.

Some numbers to think about: “FPL estimates it will cut its natural gas use by 1.3 billion cubic feet each year, the consumption of 18,000 American homes. It will also cut carbon emissions by 2.75 million tons over 30 years, the equivalent of taking 19,000 cars off the road.”


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