“Green” Sports Car?

Related to the discussion that we had about hybrid luxury cars, there was an article that came out in Road and Track yesterday about a “green” concept car, being presented at the Geneva Auto Show by Porsche.  It apparently goes 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 198 mph.  The car, dubbed the 918 Spyder, when driven “accordingly” gets 78 mpg.  It also is reported to have an emissions level of 70 g CO2 per kilometer.  According to the EPA, this is about 17% of the average emissions of a passenger car.

The car is powered by a V-8 engine, and has a horsepower of about 718.  The liquid cooled lithium ion batters can be charged either by plugging it in, or by brake regeneration.  It has four driving modes.  E Drive is purely electrical, and can go about 16 miles.  The hybrid mode uses both gas and electric power, and adapts to conditions to maximize performance.  Sport Hybrid mode ups the torque.  The last mode, Race Hybrid, is the best for speed and even has a “push to pass” boost that adds more electrical power for an extra temporary power.

Plus, its really pretty


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