How bio-battery works

Here is more detail about how the Ene Pocket toy car runs on sugar.
There’s a bio-battery inside which acts like a fuel cell.  It can output about a 50mW power (laser pointer) and works the same way as a human body breaks down sugars.  Enzymes break down the sugars from the soda (carbohydrates) and generate energy (electricity). The toy car is one of the many “green” gadgets that are being developed by the same company and others. This car was showcased at a Toy Forum in January 18, 2010, in Tokyo. (VIDEO: Sony Bio-Battery)

In January 2010, a developer modified a Nokia phone to run on Coke for a client project.  The bio-battery  can run up to three or four times longer than a cell phone running on conventional lithium ion battery (several hours).  As the battery runs down, water and carbon dioxide is produced as waste, which can be dumped and replaced with more Coke (see pictures).

These developments are still at their infancy and are not available on the market yet.  The bio-battery seems to be on a different path from biofuels as there’s  no liquid fuel.  But if it can do the job of running a car and is much more environment-friendlier and efficient than biofuels, why don’t we consider this path instead?


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