Corn Ethanol Worse Than Gasoline

While researching I came across an article from Science Magazine regarding California’s actions towards corn-based ethanol. The “California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted a low-carbon fuel standard that requires greater use of fuels that cause lower greenhouse emissions, compared with gasoline.” This idea underwent a standard test of how much greenhouse gases are being emitted due to different sources of fuels. And the result was that corn-based ethanol  produces more greenhouse gases due to the increase in deforestation and clearing of grasslands needed to create this fuel.  This article then leads the discussion to some scientific experiments that acknowledged that corn-based ethanol is detrimental to the environment, and it “produces twice the greenhouse gas emissions of gasoline for every mile driven.” Farmers then become a major factor into the release of these greenhouse gases, due to land clearing  for crops, 30% of the greenhouse gases are being emitted.

This model angers biofuel advocates because EPA has not yet released its studies and data of  these assumptions. So CARB and other agencies have stand behind corn-based ethanol fuels until the EPA sends out accurate results of these effects. This article was published last year, so changes of the EPA decisions have possibly changed, if I find more about this topic relating to CARB and corn-based ethanol I will post again.


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