Haste makes a wasteful article

Orlando Business Journal recently put out an article claiming that a University of Central Florida professor discovered a new way of converting waste into biofuel. He studied the conversion of newspapers and oranges into ethanol, the problem is I cannot find this mysterious article. The article claims that the results are published in the February edition of Plant Biotechnology Journal. A quick search through the table of contents reveals no such article to be found. Other titles  such as Barriers and Paths to Market for Genetically Engineered Crops and Chloroplast-derived Vaccine Antigens Confer Dual Immunity Against Cholera and Malaria by Oral or Injectable Delivery are present but none suggesting the type of breakthrough Orlando Business Journal reported on. Daniell’s lab did publish the second article mentioned, but it has nothing to due with the biofuel debate. UCF even published a press release on the subject, making similar claims to the Orland Business Journal.  This process of converting waste to viable biofuel would occur via a plant derived enzyme cocktail that Daniell’s team discovered.  If the discovery turns out to be true then orange peel waste could generate about 200 million gallons of ethanol or at least that is what Daniell says. All of this sounds like a great idea and an amazing breakthrough  if only I could find the article to support it…


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