Feather meal produce biodiesel

       Poultry is being constantly consumed, which leaves an abundant amount of feathers left to poultry industries. Feathers degrade very slowly because they are made up of beta-keratin. When feathers are degraded the keratin protein is broken into small pieces of amino acids and peptides. The researchers at the University of Nevada extracted fat from chicken feather meal to produce biodiesel. Feather meal has been used as a useful fertilizer due to its nitrogen content and as animal feed due to its protein content. The process of converting poutry waste to biodiesel starts with hydrolyzing chicken feathers, blood, offal and trims. Then drying the hydrolyzed product, which would result with the production of feather meal. Feather meal can be used as animal food or it can be used to produce biodiseal. The fat is extracted in boiling water and through transesterfication it produces 7-11% biodiesel. The biodiesel produced from feather meal was determined to be a good quality biodiseel. The amount of feather meal produced by poultry industries estimated to about 150-200 million gallons of biodiesel in the US and 593.2 worldwide. Another article talks about how biodiesel companies want to convert poultry fat and plant oils into jet fuel. They are also working on producing lubricants, adhesives, cosmetics and candles.


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