A Toy Car that Runs on Sugar

I just read this cute article and was happy to see that all this biofuels talk was starting to have real applications in our everyday life.    The toy car is called Ene Pocket and is made by Takara Tomy and Sony.  It runs on sugar loaded  drinks like Sprite, Coke, Mountain Dew, and Grape Juice!   As you’re probably thinking, this means that all our electronic gadgets that use batteries could possibly run on sugar in the future, where we might put in a sugar pill into our laptops instead of a battery.  A real car running on sugar. Imagine how eco-friendly that will be!   But for now at least, this is a great start and a great way to instill the lessons of being green in children and to make them more sensitive about their environment for the future.  And plus, it’s also very healthy if the kids use their Coke to play with their toy car instead of drinking it or throwing it away.


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