New Enzyme to improve economics of fuel ethanol production

Verenium Corporation recently revealed the use of xylathin xylanase for processing wheat into fuel ethanol. The compound xylan reduces the mash viscosity in substances such as wheat, rye and barley. The enzyme xylathin quickly breaks down xylan, which significantly improves the economics of processing wheat into fuel ethanol. Also, the enzyme shortens retention times and reduces grain water retention which lowers grain drying energy requirements. One of the most beneficial reasons for using xylathin is that it is capable of working over a wide temperature and pH range. This flexibility will greatly reduce processing costs of wheat into fuel ethanol.

 The article says that Europe is one of the main markets for Xylathin. With this being the case I will hope that  Europe’s largest wheat based ethanol plant will make use of this enzyme, which would contribute to the environmentally- friendly  production of wheat based ethanol.

I tried to look up more information on the xylanthin xylanase enzyme, but was unable to find much on it…but I want to continue looking up information on how this enzyme works in the process of breaking down xylan.


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