The Cheap and Easy way to Reduce Aviation Emissions

Earlier this semester Beth made a post about aviation emissions and elucidated the possible mechanisms to make flying more green.  Basically the post emphasizes that green flying is theoretically easier to achieve than practically, and that the various proposals to reduce emissions are variable and will take time. This article I found on BBC also mentions the “slow and risky” methods to reduce aviation carbon emissions (mainly technological advancements) however, what caught my eye were the “cheap and easy” methods.  These methods focus on flying efficiency and practical adjustments that could easily and immediately cut 5-8% of total aviation emissions. Although this does not seem like much, by doing nothing more than improving landing and take-offs and booking more direct flights both flyers and the environment could be made more happy. I enjoyed this article because it showed a different side to the “going green” efforts. Although its “cheap and easy” techniques are not permanent solutions to the aviation emission debacle, it offers a course of action that can be put into motion now while the other, more long term solutions are being discovered and practiced. In other words, it admonishes people to change their ways now because subtle changes in lifestyle and routine can have significant effects on the environment.


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