Is Biodiesel Really The Right Choice?

This article explains the effects of biodiesel on the environment and the economy, both for good and bad. It mentions that biodiesel is a clean-burning petroleum alternative made from renewable resources, such as vegetable oils, animals fats, and cooking oils.  However, the land used to make biodiesel have very detrimental effects, and may even contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. This article mainly mentions the new mandate that was passed by President Obama and the increase of biofuel production by 2022, in which decreasing the dependence of petroleum. However, what is also mentioned are the damaging effects that this new mandate will bring to the environment and the economy. Even though biodiesel is a good resource to petroleum, it’s also much more expensive then petroleum without the tax incentives. In which the incentive has been expired on December 31, and a new one is in the process, but nothing is mentioned about when it will be passed. This issue leads to: if the credit isn’t passed, the sellers will not be able to make a profit off of biodiesel and sooner or later the biodiesel commodity will fail.

Another advise brought to attention about alternatives to biofuels was investing in other renewable resources of energy, like wind or solar power. Which are both sources that will not damage the land in any way.

Similarly another article, comments on the concerns of the new presidental passed mandate. Obama mentioned on February 4, 2010 that he wants 36 billion gallons of biofuels, ethanol produced per year by 2022. The main aprehensions about this goal is: Will the government have the money and willingness to support building new plants and pipelines, needed to provide for biofuels on a higher level? This concern should be taken into great consideration because if our country has such a high demand for fuels and not the minimum necessites to provide for such commands; then this plan will fail.


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