Soooo..Hows that Obama thing workin out for ya?

Almost identical articles were written by the LA and Washington times on Obama’s recent state of the union and his Wednesday announcement of guidelines for an increase in ethanol productions. Each article talked about how Obama is getting alot of support from farmers and corn boosters for his decisions. However, last year the presidents administration shunned ethanol because of its climate negatives,but have decided that the “new” research done by the EPA scientists suggest that it is better than using fossil fuels. Neither article went into any detail about just what this new variable or study is and how it effects green-house gas levels differently than last years findings. Obama keeps refering to the term “clean coal” and its reported that he has guaranteed that by 2016 their will be a number of “clean coal” facilities, boosting on the thought of new jobs that will be made.

In the Washington post article Obama is quoted as saying,

“I don’t want us to just say the easy way out is for us to just give a bunch of tax credits to clean-energy companies,” Obama said. “The market works best when it responds to price. And if they start seeing that, you know what, dirty energy is a little pricier, clean energy is a little cheaper, they will . . . think things through in all kinds of innovative ways.”

It sounds like Obama is hoping that he can satisfy the problem in the short run and that eventually the problem will work itself out in the long run. To his credit ethanol energy use is thought to be a bridge to new innovative technologies. Hopefully through American innovation and the ability of Americans to “rise to the challenge” we might be able to bail out Obama’s flip flopping theory. If not Obama does have a back up plan and according to the LA Times article it is in offshore drilling.


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