Biofuel worse than fossil fuel?

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report insists on the inhibition of biofuel production. OECD stated that biofuels are creating tension between fuel production and food production. In the article we discussed in class it clearly stated against the use of degraded lands to produce biofuel. It said, “ If land is fertile enough to grow plants that offer substantial yields for biofuel, it should be suitable for agriculture as well.” If it is suitable for agriculture then that land should be used for food production. OECD believes that if this continues on it would disturb the market and it would not adequately benefit the environment. It would be more benefical to influence the idea in decreasing the use of fossiel fuels. Another downfall with biofuel is that the switch between fossil fuels to biofuels may accelerate global warming. If we wanted to grow more biofuel crops it would lead to clearing land. Whether it’s clearing forests or grass it releases a gross amount of carbon to the atmosphere. This occurs because trees, plants (grass), and soil sequester the carbon. Another article talks about how biofuel can physically be harmful to the human body. In order for corn to grow it requires nitrogen fertilization, which can come on as ammonia. Ammonia can be evaporated into the air and attract dust particles. These particles can travel and harm the health of humans. Biofuel and gasoline can cause heart disease, asthma, respiratory problems, premature death, and bronchitis.


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