transforming corn stover to bio-oil

The article “Corn stover may provide advanced feedstock” relates to the previous article we talked about in class. Agriculture Research Service scientists are using corn stover (crop residues) to create bio-oil. This bio-oil is rich in energy and is cost-effective. The process of taking corn stover and creating bio-oil is an efficient way of producing energy but that takes the nutrients away from the crops. Corn stover is made up of cobs, stalks, leaves, etc, which enriches the soil with nutrients. If a good portion of this is taken away than it could lead to nutrient deficiency, erosion and lack of soil organic matter. The ARS scientists used fast pyrolysis, which basically transforms corn stover to biofuel feedstock. About 18% of the feedstock is transformed to biochar. Biochar supplies the nutrients back into the soil and also holds the carbon


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