Using Algae as a Source of Biofuel

This article “Why Algae Holds Promise as a Biofuel” ( talks about the benefits of using algae as a source of biofuel. It mentions six important details of  why algae is the most valuable source of biofuels, and in the process of converting algae no damage to the enviornment is involved. Algae is a photsynthetic plant, that is full of nutrients that can be turned into biofuel, ethanol, food, chemicals, and methane. This plant is usually grown on water but can be grown in almost all enviornments, like a desert and wastewater treatment plants. Algae doesn’t take up land space for growth and diminish the world’s food supply unlike corn and soy do. In additon to algae being a great source of biofuel, it also cleans water and air. It cleans the air by consuming carbon dioxide, thus cleaning the air which in the end reudces greenhouse gases.

Algae seems like a very profitable source of biofuel however to make this source become true it takes a lot of money to sufficiently convert algae into biofuel. Even so, the plant has so many useful nutrients that our planet is in dire need of.


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