Scientists’ Breakthrough in Production of Biofuels

“There are many routes to becoming green, and reducing energy consumption with the same or better performance must be the most painless, ” said Professor Will Zimmerman in a Science Daily article.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield (UK) have found a way to produce biofuels efficiently and thus reduce the carbon emitted into the atmosphere associated with the production. Currently, manufacture of biofuels require a lot of power and energy input, and the new method the researchers have developed could be a better and energy efficient way to produce biofuels.

They have devised a bioreactor which produce microbubbles (miniature gas bubbles with less than 50 microns in diameter in water) , which consume 18% less energy than conventional bubble generation techniques. The microbubbles are able to transfer materials also much faster than larger bubbles.

This discovery could also have indirect positive effects in general, where energy savings are needed. The components of the bioreactor that produce microbubbles are already being used in treament of wastewater, as this technology could reduce the eletricity costs by a third.


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