Food, Fertilizer and Biofuel All in One Place!!

I found this awesome article that talked about many topics I learn last semester in ALL of my classes and ties them to a way to make biofuel! The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Honeywell UOP, Boeing and Ethiad Airways are studying how to combine fish farms and biofuel crops in a manner that will also potentially reduce carbon dioxide as well as the amount of waste going into oceans. So not only it is an alternative to biofuel production, it has a posiive impact on fish farms, the ocean and the atmosphere! All of these improvements revolve around the sea plant, Salicornia (which we studied and saw on our Marine Biology class last semester).  The Salicornia would be incorporated into fish farms and would absorb the fish waste for fertilzer and prevent the waster from pollutin the ocean. The plant then would be harvested for oil and converted into jet fuel or biodiesel. Then, the left overs of the plant can be used as fish food and get burned in a biomass reactor to produce electricity.  They say this project should take about 3-5 years for the system to be economically viable.


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