Beer into biodiesel

The Sierra Nevada Brewery of Chico, California in an attempt to further their sustainability initiatives has decided to now start using E-fuel’s home ethanol machines to convert leftover fermentation yeast into ethanol for use in their fleet reports. The company generates approximately  1.6 million gallons of this fermentation waste every year. This waste would be combined with water and sugar to then be distilled into ethanol. According the the available literature the input tank can hold 250 gallons producing  approximately 35 gallons of ethanol or approximately enough to fuel two cars according to gizmodo. If the 250 gallons to 35 gallon ratio is correct Sierra Nevada should be able to generate approximately 224,000 gallons of ethanol from this process. This ethanol is then mixed in with gasoline to help run the company’s fleet and hopefully the employee’s cars as well.  This may not fuel the world but it is one step closer to finding alternative solutions to the problem of biofuel development.



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